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Stone Hollow Farmstead is an artisan farm located in Harpersville, Alabama.  Stone Hollow produces dairy and creamery products, along with canned goods, eggs, fresh flowers, herbs, skin care, and more.

Floral Perserves

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Floral Perserves


Floral Perserves


It has been said that one of the most delicious but laziest of Southern appetizers is to upend a jar of jelly over a block of cream cheese and serve with crackers. But no one ever said you couldn’t be lazy AND clever. And that’s where these jellies come in. They elevate the simplest of dishes with just a few rounded spoonfuls – cream cheese optional, of course.   After all, we really do prefer goat cheese.

  • Medium Wooden Box
  • 8 oz Nasturtium Jelly
  • 8 oz Dill Blossom Jelly
  • 8 oz Meyer Lemon &  Thyme
  • 8 oz Garlic Blossom Jelly
  • 4 Wooden Spoon Small
  • Dried Flowers
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