Week Fourteen: …and this time, we mean it!

Happy Tuesday!

Let us start by apologizing for the confusion over the duration of this summer season’s CSA. We acknowledge there were a few scheduling snafus that had us thinking our run had ended sooner than we planned – but what a happy surprise to have had boxes for a few more weeks than we thought we would! We are indeed sorry about this miscommunication.
That said, let’s end this season with a great big bang!
From our friends at Love Light Farms we have some pretty salad greens which will serve as a great base for any weeknight meal. We kind of like this salad “recipe”  which also incorporates the fresh shiitake mushrooms from Grandeview Farms as well as figs and garlic  from our own Harpersville, Alabama farm. You might also like to add in the purslane greens to this salad – they are a fantastic superfood which we think you’ll really enjoy. 
Going back to that SHF garlic, have you ever made garlic confit? You don’t really need a recipe for the confit – the idea is to slowly soften the whole cloves in a low-heat oven until their flavor becomes beautifully mellow. Once you’ve made the confit, there are myriad ways to use this garlic: toss with hot fresh pasta and a shower of grated Parmigiano-Reggiano, smear some on toasted baguette rounds, toss a few cloves to a soup or stew, add a clove to homemade salad dressing – you get the idea. Store the unused cloves in the oil in the coldest part of your fridge. And don’t forget that flavorful oil you’ve just infused with the savory flavors. Use a spoonful the next time you sauté chicken cutlets or sear off pork chops; this is an easy way to layer flavor into any dish you can dream up. 
Aside from the wonderful pizza dough from our favorite baker, Corey Hinkel, the remainder of today’s share comes from Stone Hollow Farmstead, and is truly representative of the kinds of things we love to work with year ‘round: pears (try them poached:) watermelon (ever try pickling the rinds?), cantaloupe, okra (add them to this chicken braise) muscadine fruit, herbs and okra. These are some of the produce items we love to enjoy fresh but delight in pickling and preserving for use throughout the year, traditions we have learned from our forebears and take pride in passing along to the next generation.


From Stone Hollow Farmstead

Garlic Cloves 
Herb bundle 
Cuban Peppers
Shiitake Mushrooms | Grande View Mushrooms
Pizza Dough | Cory Hinkle
Salad Greens | Love Light Farm 

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