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'Brandon Michael' | Shipping March - April 2025


Brandon Michael is an informal decorative variety of flower that has purple blooms that measure an impressive 12 inches in diameter. This variety is sure to catch the eye with its rich, vibrant color and large size, making it a popular choice for gardens, landscaping projects, and floral arrangements. The petals of the Brandon Michael are delicately ruffled with variegated markings that add an extra dimension of beauty to the already striking flower. Whether planted as a focal point in a garden or used as a centerpiece in a bouquet, the 'Brandon Michael' is sure to impress with its vibrant appearance.



Color | Purple, Lavender, Variegated

ADS Classification | N/A

Form | Informal Decorative

Height | 3.5'

Foliage | Green

Bloom Size | Giant, AA, over 10"

Bloom Time | 120 days

Cut Behavior | Poor

Exhibition | No

Year Introduced | 2013

Country of Origin | USA



This is a pre-purchase item as there is a limited number available.

Our team will dig the Dahlias in December, and divide them in January and February. Our tubers will ship in late March or early April depending on your growing zone. Our growing team recommends late March planting for our Alabama growers. Due to weather and Department of Agriculture requirements, we are unable to ship tubers early and our tubers are only available to ship within the United States.

Details and recommendations for that specific variety will be included in each bag. Dahlias come packed in peat moss.

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