Copper Water Bottle


HYDRATE THE RIGHT WAY - Drink from your Perilla bottle throughout the day to support a healthy lifestyle. Plastic bottles are not only damaging to our health but to the planet as a whole; copper bottles will benefit you and our beautiful planet.

CAREFULLY DESIGNED - From the curves of the bottle, to the way it feels in your hand, to the gift-ready packaging, everything about our product has been designed with intention. We limited our branding to just the packaging and the top of the cap, ensuring the bottle has a clean, modern look. It’s essentially leak-proof, keeping the water where it should be!



  • Made with 100% pure copper

  • Holds 33.81-oz.

  • Screw-top lid with gasket for leak prevention

  • Copper has proven anti-bacterial properties

  • Storing water in copper bottle overnight infuses water with a minute amount of copper

  • Outside of the bottle is coated with lacquer to sustain it shine.

  • Cleaning is recommended with lemon juice, sea salt, or vinegar rather than soap

  • BPA/BPS-Free and reusable.

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