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Dahlia Tuber — ‘Jowey Marilyn'


The Jowey Marilyn, a mini ball variety that is sure to add a touch of fun to any floral arrangement. With its vibrant red 4-6" blooms, this flower is a winner!

The Jowey Marilyn is a compact plant that grows to a height of just 24-36 inches, making it an ideal choice for smaller gardens or containers. Despite its small size, this flower packs a powerful punch, producing numerous blooms throughout the growing season.

Each blossom of the Jowey Marilyn is perfectly formed, with tightly packed petals that create a full, round shape. The bright red color of the blooms is eye-catching and bold, making this variety a popular choice for special occasions or as a centerpiece in floral arrangements.

The Jowey Marilyn is easy to grow and care for, making it a great choice for both experienced and novice gardeners alike. With its compact size and prolific blooming, this flower is perfect for adding a pop of color to borders, rock gardens, or mixed flower beds.


Form | Mini Ball

Color | Red

Bloom Size | 4-6"

Height | 3'

Days To Maturity | 80-100 Days

Plant Spacing | 18-24"


Dahlias have a special place in our hearts at Stone Hollow Farmstead — featuring over 100 varieties in an array of colors and sizes. We have had many a request over the years to retail our tubers but like all good things, it took time. Our team has been mindfully building up and storing these special tubers with you in mind.

We are excited to announce that we will now be selling our Dahlia Tubers!


This is a pre-purchase item as there is a limited number available.

Our team will dig the Dahlias in December, and divide them in January and February. Our tubers will ship in late March or early April depending on your growing zone. Our growing team recommends late March planting for our Alabama growers. Due to weather and Department of Agriculture requirements, we are unable to ship tubers early and our tubers are only available to ship within the United States.

Details and recommendations for that specific variety will be included in each bag. Dahlias come packed in peat moss.

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