Stone Hollow Farmstead

Fusion of Flavor | Gift Box


Embark on a Culinary Expedition with the Fusion of Flavors Gift Box from Stone Hollow Farmstead.

Navigating through the rich tapestry of flavors grown and curated at Stone Hollow Farmstead, our Fusion of Flavors Gift Box is a curated culinary adventure, embracing the bold, the spicy, and the sublimely unique. Each component within this beautifully presented wooden box has been crafted with meticulous care, harnessing the heart of our farm and transforming it into a spectrum of flavors that promise to elevate your culinary creations.

Inside Fusion of Flavors Box

Pickled Persimmons: A jar of the unexpected; our pickled persimmons blend sweet, tangy, and a touch of spice, ensuring a burst of flavor with every bite.

Chipotle Salt: Unearth a smoky, spicy kick with our chipotle salt, perfect for adding a nuanced depth and a dash of heat to your dishes.

Smoked Hot Pepper Oil: Infuse your meals with our smoked hot pepper oil, a bold flavor profile that seamlessly merges the aromatic with a piquant spice.

Hot Pepper Globe Jar Vinegar: A jar that encapsulates the fiery spirit of our hot peppers, transformed into a versatile vinegar that’s both robust and zesty.

SHF Apron: Wrap yourself in our Stone Hollow Farmstead apron, a symbol of our commitment to authentic, homegrown culinary experiences.

SHF Tea Towel: A quality tea towel that is not only functional but also carries the essence and story of our farmstead, enhancing your kitchen with a touch of Stone Hollow.

An Enthralling Gastronomic Journey, Boxed and Bowed:

Brimming with flavors, the Fusion of Flavors box transports the Stone Hollow Farmstead’s rich, agricultural heritage right to your kitchen, promising an exploration through tastes and aromas that are as authentic as they are bold. Whether it’s a gift for a culinary enthusiast, a loved one who enjoys exploring unique flavors, or a treat for yourself, this box becomes a catalyst for memory-making in the kitchen and around the table.