Stone Hollow Farmstead

Hand-Loomed Hammock

$108.00 $180.00

These loomed cotton hammocks are handcrafted on a traditional shuttle loom to create a comfortable basketweave textured sling. It features hand-knotted fringes & tassels & boasts generous suspension cords for strength & even weight distribution. Because each hammock is handmade, slight variations in size & appearance may occur.


  • Double - Length: 10.5ft. | Bed Size: 7’ x 5’ (84” x 60”) - Sizes are approximate - Actual hammock may vary.

  • 100% cotton.

  • Handmade in Paraguay


  • CARE

  • Machine-washable - Wash separately in cold water on a gentle cycle.

  • Tie loose ends - Bind the suspension cords & tie the tassels together before washing to prevent tangling.

  • Hang to dry - In order to preserve the hammock, do not tumble dry.

  • TIP: The natural color of the cotton will whiten with time as it is washed & with sun exposure – To maintain its creamy, off-white color, we recommend giving your hammock a diluted tea or coffee wash prior to washing. Alternatively, bleach may be used to achieve & maintain a bright white color.