Stone Hollow Farmstead

Hard Cider Craft Brew Kit


The history of American Hard Cider is a long one. We believe in continuing the legacy of great cider makers by allowing you to create a great tasting Hard Cider right from home just as our forefathers did. WHAT'S IN THE BOX?

Our Hard Cider Kit comes with all of the supplies you need to make THREE 1-gallon batches of dry sparkling cider at home:

  • Glass Carboy

  • Funnel

  • Racking Cane

  • Rubber Stopper

  • Transfer tubing

  • Tubing clamp

  • Airlock

  • A No-Nonsense Guide to Making Your own Hard Cider

  • Hard Cider Recipe (Enough for 3 batches)

  • Sanitizer

*Cider not included. This kit works with any Apple Juice or Cider.

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