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Stone Hollow Farmstead is an artisan farm located in Harpersville, Alabama.  Stone Hollow produces dairy and creamery products, along with canned goods, eggs, fresh flowers, herbs, skin care, and more.


Our Journey to Washington’s Floret Flowers Workshop

Deborah Stone

Stone Hollow Farmstead Flowers are now in full swing on the farm, and beginning this week, on our new flower carts which will be appearing throughout the city. Deborah and Alex traveled to Mount Vernon, Washington last summer to gain the necessary knowledge needed to bring flowers to their Alabama farmstead.

Floret Flower Farm is a small, two-acre, family-run flower farm in Washington, specializing in the art of growing beautiful, uncommon heirloom flowers. Stone Hollow is now growing flowers seasonally and learning to grow in our Alabama climate. To help us better understand, Deborah and Alex Stone, of Stone Hollow Farmstead, have answered a few questions explaining the different things they have learned on their beautiful flower journey.


What made you want to start growing flowers?

Growing flowers for cutting just made so much sense for our farm, because we grow so many herbs and flowers for botanical extracts used in our clinical skin care line, Botanikō Skin

What was the most influential thing you learned from your time at Floret Flowers?

Erin teaches "intensive flower farming practices". We learned how to maximize our growing space, extend the seasons with high and low tunnels (which we have 7 of currently in the gardens), market opportunities to sell, and how much our country needs American grown flowers.

How do you determine which flowers to grow and during which season they will flourish?

We have always grown flowers at the farm - mostly things transplanted from my grandmother’s gardens. This knowledge helped in decision-making.

Dahlias are our main focus. Although no one in our family had knowledge of this, we joined the local dahlia society and made lots of new friends with experienced growers. Kathy and Ed Whitfield have been amazingly helpful and willing to share their knowledge! 

Most flowers grown for the first time are considered an experiment. We took notes on everything from the time we planted until they left our flower cooler. From last year’s trials, we now have a very large growing program for 2017. 

How does growing and selling unique heirloom flowers help convey the mission of Stone Hollow Farmstead?

We love farming, providing for our local community, and working with our local farmers. Our flowers are just one more product we can offer. There are not many local flower growers as of yet, and we would love to bring vibrant flowers to the Alabama community.

What makes your flowers different?

The fact that they are American grown makes them different than what you would normally find available for purchase. 

Dahlias are difficult to grow here in our southern climate, so having them locally grown is special. The bouquets we offer are also filled with beautiful aromatic herbs. What we can't grow we source from other American growers, to support the American-Grown mission.

What was the most interesting process you learned from Floret Flowers?

Learning how to extend our seasons and maintain growth for more of the year. Introducing this technique should be very helpful for our business. We hope to have dahlias by early May where normally they are available in mid-June.


Our flowers will be available beginning this week at our new flower carts, which will be appearing throughout the city.  Follow our Instagram to stay up to date on our cart locations @thepantrybystonehollow & @stonehollowfarmstead

Valentine's Day Bouquet Pre-Sale coming soon.