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Stone Hollow Farmstead is an artisan farm located in Harpersville, Alabama.  Stone Hollow produces dairy and creamery products, along with canned goods, eggs, fresh flowers, herbs, skin care, and more.

Autumn 2018, Week 3


Autumn 2018, Week 3

Stone Hollow Farmstead

Shiitake Mushrooms /  Grandview Farms

Shiitake Mushrooms / Grandview Farms

Blueberry Vinaigrette /  Stone Hollow Farmstead

Blueberry Vinaigrette / Stone Hollow Farmstead

What's In The Bag

A Complete List of Contents of the CSA Share Weekly

From Friends

Basil /  Stone Hollow Farmstead

Basil / Stone Hollow Farmstead

  • Polenta / McEwen & Sons - Wilsonville, Alabama - Organic (Keep in the freezer if storing!)

  • Vidalia Onions

  • Lady Peas / Jerry Gladden - Chilton County, Alabama (Close to end of the season for these)

  • Okra / Jerry Gladden - Ashville, Alabama

  • Shiitake Mushrooms / Grandview Farms - Montevallo, Alabama

From Stone Hollow

  • Mixed Variety Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes - Best for cooking

  • Blueberry Vinaigrette

  • Figs

  • Assorted Squash

  • Arugula

  • Yogurt

  • Buttermilk

  • Herbed Cow Cheese

  • Basil

  • Chickpeas

Milk Share

  • Cow's Milk / Stone Hollow Farmstead

Cheese and/or Yogurt

  • Blackberry + Wine Marinated Goat Cheese / Stone Hollow Farmstead

  • Kunik Button Cow and Goat's Milk Cheese / Nettle Meadow - Thurman, New York

Salad composed with ingredients from this week's share.

Salad composed with ingredients from this week's share.

Summer Squash, Fall Squash, Winter Squash

We’re heading into what can best be described as a ‘shoulder season’ – not quite full summer, not yet fall. This time is when we get the best of both worlds, agriculturally speaking.  Tomatoes are still going crazy. You can still find corn and peaches for days. There are peas aplenty.

And then there is squash ...

The abundance begins!! 
The fantastic thing about squash is that there are so many varieties to enjoy and this shoulder season is the time when so many shine.

Your summer CSA baskets have been teeming with yellow crookneck squash and zucchini which will still be making appearances along the way. 

But now you’ll also start to see the harbingers of cooler months in fall squash varieties like butternut, red kuri, delicata, and blue hubbard. 

In fact, these early winter squash varieties often inspire folks to try and grow their own jack-o-lanterns, but it is already too late to plant them this year.  These harder squashes take much longer to germinate and ripen. Of course, we’ve been planning for this fall since last fall, so we promise to have plenty of pumpkins come October.

Until then, let’s explore some new and interesting ways to prepare all of the squash we’ve been blessed with.

The Tatume Squash might be a new variety to many of y’all. This summer squash is common in drier climates like that of Mexico, south Texas and the desert Southwest, but we’ve enjoyed growing them in Harpersville, Alabama too. This variety tastes similar to zucchini but has a rounder shape. Given that, we’ve taken to baking them, stuffed with aromatics and other vegetables that have been grilled or sautéed. Or perhaps consider slicing them into ¼”-thick rounds and using them in lieu of pasta in your next lasagna.

James Beard Award-winning chef Rick Bayless makes an amazing Mexican version of the Italian staple in this way.

Diners at Highlands Bar & Grill this past weekend were treated to a ‘risotto’ made of diced zucchini and yellow squash that made the snapper perched on top, positively sing.

For winter squash, imagination is your only limit when it comes to cooking them. Roasting and pureeing with vegetable, chicken stock or a little cream and fresh thyme or sage leaves is the perfect Sunday activity that pays dividends all week (even longer if you freeze a few quarts.)

The Galeux d'Eysines squash is the ideal candidate here. An elegant French heirloom with an appropriately elegant sounding name; c’est magnifique! This stunning squash has beautiful salmon-peach colored skin covered with peanut shell-like warts caused by sugar in the skin. Traditionally used in France for soups and sauces, when cooked, the sweet, orange flesh is as smooth as velvet. Each flattened squash weighs 10-15 pounds and can store for up to 6 months. It is definitely a show stopper in the garden or on the front porch or on the stove.

Cow's Milk Yogurt /  Stone Hollow Farmstead

Cow's Milk Yogurt / Stone Hollow Farmstead

Cherry Tomatoes /  Stone Hollow Farmstead

Cherry Tomatoes / Stone Hollow Farmstead

Chickpeas /  Stone Hollow Farmstead

Chickpeas / Stone Hollow Farmstead