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Stone Hollow Farmstead is an artisan farm located in Harpersville, Alabama.  Stone Hollow produces dairy and creamery products, along with canned goods, eggs, fresh flowers, herbs, skin care, and more.



Deborah Stone


Each week, owner of Stone Hollow Farmstead, Deborah Stone will offer a behind-the-scenes look at life on the farm, in hopes of sharing the entire journey of our farm to your table.

This week at the farm, we are picking fragrant honeysuckle that will serve as the main ingredient in a treat for next week's CSA.  Flowers are in full bloom here and the hoop houses that protect them are coming down.  We are so excited to be bringing beautiful, farm-fresh flowers to the Birmingham community.  Bouquets and buckets of flowers will be available for our upcoming summer share season which will be available for purchase soon!  

We've picked fresh collard greens for CSA this week from our friends at Pursell Farms!  Enjoy!


A complete list of what's in the bag for this week.

File_001+(33) (1).jpeg
  • Mixed Greens - Stone Hollow Farmstead / Harpersville, Alabama
  • Arugula - Stone Hollow Farmstead / Harpersville, Alabama
  • Arugula and Chive Pesto - Stone Hollow Farmstead / Harpersville, Alabama
  • Radishes - Stone Hollow Farmstead / Harpersville, Alabama
  • Collards - Pursell Farms / Birmingham, Alabama
  • Pintos - Florida
  • Cornmeal - McEwen & Sons / Birmingham, Alabama
  • Tomatoes - Dion
  • Hothouse Cucumbers - Dion
  • Cured Vidalia Onions - Georgia
  • Strawberries - Sugar Hill / Verbena, Alabama

Cheese & Yogurt Share

  • Vallee de la Belle Bucherondin - Loire Valley, France

Milk Share

  • Jersey Cow's Milk- Stone Hollow Farmstead / Birmingham, Alabama


All recipes are selected to offer cooking suggestions on how to prepare the contents of your weekly share.

Don't forget to show off your food styling skills! Use hashtag #shfcsa and tag us on Instagram @stonehollowfarmstead