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Figs | Stone Hollow Farmstead

Today’s CSA share marks the end of the 2022 summer CSA season– we have loved sharing this passion with you, our members! We will be taking a hiatus for the fall season as we gear up for the holidays. Our wholesale business has grown by leaps and bounds – you can now find Stone Hollow Farmstead products nationally in places like Food52 and Terrain – and our corporate gifting program is taking off like gangbusters.

As most farmers can tell you, planning ahead is the secret to their success. This brief pause in the CSA schedule will give us a chance to catch our collective breath and prepare for the seasons ahead. But don’t fret: we have something special planned for our CSA members come Thanksgiving so stay tuned!

In the mean time, let’s celebrate the end of summer with a gorgeous box of produce that is pure joy. From our own Harpersville, AL farm, we have green onions, red fingerling potatoes and okra, cantaloupe and watermelon. But we might be most excited about the fresh figs this week. This Barefoot Contessa recipe from Ina Garten is a stunning way to show them off.

Farmer Hamm sends us his beefsteak tomatoes this week which, for some, may be the most summer produce item ever. We love this recipe to show off those stunners. Of course, there’s also nothing wrong with just slicing them, drizzling with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and passing them around the table, filled with those you love.

Thank you again for being such loyal members of our beloved CSA program – we look forward to seeing you at pick-up!


What's In The Box

A Complete List of Contents of the CSA Weekly Share

From Friends

Pizza Dough | Corey Hinkel
Hamm | Beefsteak Tomato

    From Stone Hollow

    Red Fingerling Potatoes  
    Green Onions
    Cubana Peppers

      Milk Share

      Whole Milk | Working Cow Dairy

        Egg Share

        Hen Eggs | Stone Hollow Farmstead


          Recipes From Friends

          Barefoot Contessa | Fresh Fig & Ricotta Cake

          Epicurious | Goat Cheese & Tomato Tart in a Cornmeal Crust



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          Historically enjoyed by farm workers to keep hydrated on long hot days, Drinking vinegars are tart, tangy infusions of fruits, spices and OACV.