Twenty years ago, Deborah Stone founded Stone Hollow Farmstead in the heart of Alabama with her husband and two daughters.

Prompted by a natural love of the land, they transformed the farmstead from a horse-breeding facility into the thriving landscape it is today complete with a cannery, goat dairy, skincare laboratory, herb garden, and flower fields reminiscent of those nurtured by Deborah’s grandmother.

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Featured product

One Dozen Tulips in a Weck Jar

A simple, but favorite arrangement- a dozen white and yellow tulips, elegantly displayed within a WECK jar. Each tulip, like a brushstroke, gracefully unfurls its petals in a harmonious blend of white and yellow hues. Their delicate stems bring the essence of spring into any space. As the morning light dances upon their petals, you will feel your spirit lift. This arrangement is perfect for those who appreciate the art of simplicity, as the WECK jar provides a subtle yet charming contrast to the classic beauty of the tulips. 

Flowers grown in Harpersville, AL

*Gentle Disclaimer | The beauty of working with the seasons often means that our arrangements slightly change with time, and what nature offers us. You can be assured that it will be fresh, beautiful and make your loved one smile.

custom floral design

For something unique and personalized, our in-house floral designer Wesley is available to bring your floral vision to life. You can reach Wesley by email at flowers@stonehollowfarmstead.com or by phone at 205-777-5558.⁣⁣

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Featured product

Narcissus | Cheerfulness

Stone Hollow Farmstead

Narcissus | Cheerfulness


These double flowers, which are borne in threes or fours on each stem, are truly breathtaking! This variety of daffodils features soft, creamy-white petals that surround a golden-yellow cup. Not only are these blooms a visual delight, but they also have a sweet and musky fragrance that is quite captivating.

The Cheerfulness Narcissus bundle is perfect for adding a touch of springtime to any occasion. These blooms are a popular choice for wedding bouquets, floral arrangements, and centerpieces.

What to Expect:

— 30 Stems | Each bundle will include a few extra stems in case any are damaged during transportation

— Vase life of 7-10 days

— Once you receive your flowers, we recommend giving them a trim before placing them in fresh water. Trim 1” off the bottom of the stem and allow them to hydrate for a few hours before arranging.

— Available for pick-up or local delivery in and around Birmingham, Alabama.


If you select delivery, please leave a vase or bucket with water on your porch - Stone Hollow Farmstead is not responsible for any loss or wilting that may occur once the flowers are in your possession. It is critical that the flowers are placed in water immediately upon receipt. Please review our Terms and Conditions for flower delivery for more information.