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Deborah Stone and her family founded
Stone Hollow Farmstead in the heart of
Alabama. Prompted by a natural love of
the outdoors and farm life she had grown up with.
The family transformed the untouched land into a
a horse-breeding facility with vast flower gardens
transplanted from Deborahs’ grandmother.

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A grazing board featuring thin farm-style crackers, pickled asparagus and green tomatoes, and an assortment of chevre topped with three different types of preserves

How to Build a Grazing Board

In the tapestry of modern entertaining, the grazing board has risen to the coveted status of a social hero—a culinary masterpiece that effortlessly...

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staff favorite

Rose Lip Balm - Stone Hollow Farmstead

Farmstead Laboratories

Rose Lip Balm


Thinner than any other area of the face, our lips are essentially defenseless without proper care. Our Rose Lip Balm is a reparative formula that is effective while delivering a luscious skin feel. This Lip Balm will relieve any discomfort and revitalize dry lips. What's the magic? A potent concentration of botanical extracts grown and distilled on our herb farm specifically designed to transform lips into soft, supple, kissable lips. Our Balm is unscented, glossy and packaged to fit perfectly in your pocket or purse.


INGREDIENTS | hypoallergenic lanolin, squalene, organic simmondsia chinensis oil, stearyl dimethicone, proprietary blend of essential oils, mica, iron oxides