How to Build a Grazing Board

A grazing board featuring thin farm-style crackers, pickled asparagus and green tomatoes, and an assortment of chevre topped with three different types of preserves

In the tapestry of modern entertaining, the grazing board has risen to the coveted status of a social hero—a culinary masterpiece that effortlessly steals the show at any gathering. For us, this isn't merely a trend to follow; it's a concept deeply ingrained in our philosophy.

We've embraced the grazing board as more than just a stylish display of artisanal delights; it has become a cherished vessel, a canvas upon which we showcase our finest cannery goods. Every opportunity to share our creations with customers becomes a celebration, an invitation to savor not just the flavors but the communal spirit that the grazing board embodies. 

Join us in this fusion of tradition and contemporary elegance as we continue to transform gatherings into memorable experiences through the artful arrangement of our beloved cannery goods on the ever-iconic grazing board.

Building Blocks

A wheel of brie encircled with proscuitto roses and pickled okra

Assemble thoughtfully, using the cheese as the focal points and arranging the accoutrements around it to provide a variety of interesting color and texture. 

You can add a lot of visual interest by using the natural curves of pickled vegetables to wrap around the established cheese and meat highlights,

Finally topping the creamy cheeses with the preserves at the last minute!

Have fun and enjoy

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