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Charcoal Deodorant - Stone Hollow Farmstead

Stone Hollow Farmstead

Charcoal Deodorant

Our Natural Cream Deodorant includes powerful clean ingredients like artemisia, lavender, charcoal, patchouli, and zinc oxide. Artemisia, also known as wormwood or mugwort, has natural antimicrobial properties, which makes it an effective ingredient in deodorant. It helps to neutralize odor-causing bacteria and keeps you feeling fresh all day long. This herb is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help soothe the skin, reducing redness and irritation that can be caused by traditional deodorants.


9 powerful & potent botanical oil extracts designed with purpose to address those times when your skin is stressed, transitioning from one season to another or one climate to another when traveling. Your arsenal for daily skin needs & changes.

Papaya Enzyme - Stone Hollow Farmstead

Botanikō Skincare

Papaya Enzyme


This exfoliating mask will leave the skin with a more youthful, velvet finish. Fine, feathery lines around the eyes and lips are smoothed and lip contour is improved by this intensely repairing treatment. This exfoliation digests protein. (Dead skin cells are pure protein). It is also a great skin softener.


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Orange Blossom Perfume - Stone Hollow Farmstead

Farmstead Laboratories

Orange Blossom Perfume


Intense, indole-rich, floral with extremely sweet citrus floral aroma. Excellent tenacity with green back notes that uplift and awaken the senses. The orange blossom quickly unfolds into a beautiful light, white floral of hyacinth flowers.

Scent Therapy | Floral

Aromatherapy | Uplifting and Emotionally Balancing


*Each perfume is custom made & can take up to two weeks to make.

**All perfumes are final sale**