VIP Members Benefits, Perks & Privileges 

— Members-only priority access to all of our dahlia tubers, rooted cuttings, and seeds. The first offering will be in July 2024. 

— Early shipping option for orders on tubers

— “Friends of the Farmstead” membership. Receive a 10% discount for SHF food in jars, gift boxes, and merchandise, (dahlia tubers, seeds, or cuttings are not included). 

— Immediate online access to our “Dahlia Intensive” Workbook and Zoom access to our online Dahlia Intensive course on September 22, 2024. Your kits will be sent 2 weeks before class.  ($385.00 value)

— 2 Complimentary tickets to Dahlia Day at SHF If you are local or want to drive/fly in we would love to have you.

— Cultivating Beautiful Dahlias Forum - post your questions along with your region for help along the journey. Deborah or another professional grower will answer your question and offer suggestions/solutions. 

— Local members receive complimentary home delivery as often as they like on fresh-cut dahlia bundle subscriptions. Our subscription service allows you to turn your service on and off while you are in and out of town. 

— Dahlia Mania newsletter emailed monthly. This email will cover anticipated needs of the upcoming month, and things happening at the farm and highlight some of our favorite dahlias. 


SHF Legacy | Royalty Program Explained

Our Legacy hybridizer program is designed to celebrate and showcase some of our most valued Dahlia hybridizers. We desire to thank all of those who work tirelessly to cultivate beauty with their creations and new introductions into the Dahlia world. 

With the Royalty component of the program, we ensure that each hybridizer receives fair compensation for their hard work and creativity. We grow substantial quantities of each hybridizer's dahlia varieties and actively promote and sell their creations. Hybridizers are paid royalties from the sales of their specific dahlia varieties, providing them with ongoing support and recognition for their efforts.

We currently have two commitments with legacy hybridizers listed below. We are thrilled to offer their beautiful creations to our clients and look forward to expanding the list of hybridizers in the future. 

— Kristine Albright, Santa Cruz CA 

— Buddy Dean, Cashiers NC

Dahlia Intensive Details 

Learn how to grow beautiful dahlias through our Dahlia Intensive workshops offered in February and again in September. Take a deep dive through our online Dahlia Intensive and learn how to successfully grow dahlias. We will mail your class kit two weeks before the scheduled course. Our Dahlia Intensive workbook contains lots of details, and we will cover each of them on September 22nd, 2024. If you can’t join us in person, no worries. The class will be available online in 3 segments for you to review at your convenience beginning October 1, 2024.

Dahlia Garden Tours 

Over the summer we will visit some of our favorite growers in the southern region and a few bordering states. We will gather in their garden and listen to their thoughts on how their dahlias are managing through the season, then take a tour of their gardens to see their blooms. During each tour, we will pick a variety from the garden and do a deep dive, to discuss form, color, stem length and strength, plant height, and show results, if applicable.

Tours will be posted and once available online, email notification will be sent.

Enjoy Q&A's with Deborah and Alexandra on our CULTIVATING BEAUTIFUL DAHLIAS platform. Post your questions along with your region for help along your Dahlia journey. Deborah or another professional grower will give answers and comments. The content will grow as our members and professionals communicate.

Conservation at Stone Hollow Farmstead

Through our Dahlia Club and CSA membership programs, we continue to develop and expand our conservation and environmental practices, working each year to become better stewards of the land.

At Stone Hollow Farmstead, we are committed to continually evolving and enhancing our conservation practices, striving each year to become better stewards of the land. Through initiatives like our Dahlia Club and CSA membership programs, we have been able to develop and expand our efforts in conserving the environment.

This year, our goals are ambitious, yet essential. We aim to install a large hedge row, expand our pollinator gardens, and add more bird boxes to our farm. These endeavors not only beautify our surroundings but also provide crucial habitats for wildlife, supporting biodiversity in our area.

Pollinators, Honey Bees, and All the Other Bees Too …

In our commitment to sustainable agriculture, we prioritize the health and well-being of our pollinators, particularly our beloved honey bees. Managing a small number of healthy bee hives and providing a habitat for carpenter bees are just some of the ways we support these essential creatures. When using organic pesticides that may impact bees, we ensure to spray in the late evening when our buzzing friends are at rest, minimizing any potential harm.

Water conservation is another key focus area for us. Through the implementation of drip irrigation and careful monitoring of weather forecasts and soil moisture levels, we optimize our watering schedules to ensure our crops receive just the right amount of water for optimal growth. This not only prevents water wastage but also promotes healthier plants.

Regenerative farming practices

Moreover, we are deeply committed to regenerative farming practices that nourish our soil and enhance biodiversity. From magical cover crops in our fields to the installation of vermicomposting systems, we continuously strive to improve our soil health and reduce our environmental footprint. Our red wiggler worms work tirelessly day and night, transforming kitchen waste into nutrient-rich worm castings that we use to enrich our soil and fertilize our crops. 

In summary, our journey at Stone Hollow Farmstead is a testament to the power of collective action in conservation. By prioritizing the health of our land, water, and wildlife, we hope to inspire others to join us in our mission toward a more sustainable and resilient future.