Glorious Spring!

Nasturtium fields

Welcome to the Stone Hollow Farmstead 2022 CSA Season! 

We are beyond giddy that this day has arrived. We’ve planned and dreamed, pondered and schemed, always with YOU, our member, in mind. 

When we order seeds, YOU are top of mind. 

When we till the soil, YOU are with us. 

When we nurture seedlings, YOU are who we are thinking about.

When we weed and water and harvest, YOU are who we are thinking about.

We like to think all that thought and love can be tasted in every item that fills your basket. This week, your inaugural CSA share contains carrots from our friends at nearby Lovelight Farm, butter lettuce and peppery nasturtiums from fellow farmers, Owls Hollow Farm, and a hearty French bâtard from baker Corey Hinkel. From our own Harpersville, AL farm, we have some favorites from the cannery – poppyseed salad dressing, pickled green tomatoes, and wild ramp pesto. From our dairy, there is whole milk buttermilk and whole milk yogurt ,as well as an herbaceous cow cheese. 

So, how to go about using everything in this week’s share? 

The best advice is to just ENJOY. If you’ve never eaten a flower before, nasturtiums are a fantastic place to start! Their peppery bite is a great foil to the tender easygoing nature of butter lettuces. Outside of the salad bowl, use them to garnish a charcuterie board – one that features our herbed cow cheese and those zingy pickled green tomatoes, or you might choose to press the blossoms into softened unsalted butter, wrap tightly in plastic wrap, then chill until ready to serve tableside. Very pretty. Very spring-like. 

The wild ramp pesto will be your most assertive ingredient this week. Prepared with really great olive oil and fresh garlic, a little will go a long way. Swirl a tablespoon into hot pasta for a simple but elegant side dish, garnishing with crisped pancetta, or make a compound-butter by combining a tablespoon into more softened butter and stirring to blend. Stuff the compound butter under the skin of a whole roasting chicken and smear some more on top. Layer that flavor.

In every item listed, you can taste how good this life is – hard as all get out – but so very rewarding. 


Bundles of carrots

What is in the box?

From Friends

  • French Batard | Corey Hinkel

  • Overwintered Carrots | Lovelight Farm

  • Nasturtium Flowers | Owls Hollow Farm

  • Butterhead Lettuce | Owls Hollow Farm

  • Popcorn Rice | Louisiana

From Stone Hollow Farmstead

  • Whole Milk Buttermilk

  • Whole Milk Yogurt

  • Herbed Cow Cheese

  • Wild Ramp Pesto (contains nuts; refrigerate upon receiving)

  • Poppyseed Salad Dressing 

  • Pickled Green Tomatoes 

Milk Share

  • Whole Milk | Working Cow Dairy

Egg Share

  • Hen Eggs / Duck Eggs | Stone Hollow Farmstead

Flower Share

  • Daffodils & Jonquils

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