Gratitude is the Attitude

Tri-color bellpeppers in hues of yellow and green

No matter where you fall on the gratitude spectrum — “happy to just have my feet hit the floor this morning” to “let the holiday games begin!” — we’re here for it all. We’re just grateful for the farm that produces, the team that harvests it, the kitchen folks who pickle and can, and the CSA members who we get to share this work with, week in and week out. Honestly, the feeling of seeing tender new sprouts emerge from the ground and just thinking about each of you enjoying these things with your family and friends is more inspiring than you can know. Thank you.

This week’s basket features a bevy of items from our own Harpersville, AL farm: there are salad greens and bell peppers, radishes and leeks that can all make a show at your Thanksgiving table. Our corn relish and cranberry preserves will be welcomed, as well. We love the preserves in a sandwich made with leftover turkey!

Our farmer friends in Mississippi have shared their sweet potatoes; we love this gratin recipe which elevates very simple ingredients. Pecans from Georgia are more than likely headed into a pie but if you have eaten all the pecan pie you care for, and maybe are looking for a fun baking activity to do with family, try your hand at this Dore Greenspan recipe for Pfefferneusse — fun to say, even more fun to eat. 

Speaking of fun and family activities, pancakes fall into that category, too — no one ever made pancakes for one, right?  Our sprouted flour pancake mix is always a hit so definitely put those into rotation this week.  

Thank you for being one of our most treasured blessings this season. We cannot tell you how much we enjoy seeing your faces, week in and week out at pick up. An extra blessing will be said for you, at our table this week.

A jar of marinated goat cheese with blackberry preserves

What is in the box?

From Friends

  • Pecans | South Alabama

  • Sweet Potatoes | Mississippi

  • Bread Loaf | Corey Hinkel

From Stone Hollow Farmstead

  • Sprouted Flour Pancake Mix

  • Salad Greens

  • Bell Peppers

  • Radishes

  • Sweet Corn Relish

  • Fresh Garden Leeks

  • Winter Cranberry Relish

Milk Share

  • Whole Milk | Working Cow Dairy

Cheese / Yogurt Share

  • Gouda Cheese

Flower Share

  • N/A

A blue basket of sweet potatoes from the Mississippi Delta

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