How to Prepare our Winter Wellness Tea

It may sound like the most unlikely of combinations – stinky, tangy, sweet – but on the list of home remedies, this recipe sits up near the top & is something that can be enjoyed every day. 

Perhaps it’s the antimicrobial, antibacterial, & antiviral properties found in these ingredients that make it a popular brew for strengthening the immune system, as well as for preventing & relieving colds, flu, & other conditions. If you are feeling under the weather, or just looking for a way to boost the immune system in the throes of holiday gatherings — look no further than Stone Hollow Farmstead’s Honey Garlic Wellness Tea.


Winter Wellness Honey Garlic Tea
Stone Hollow Farmstead Kitchen​​
Stone Hollow Farmstead Winter Wellness Tea Blend
Stone Hollow Farmstead Kitchen​​


Add all the ingredients to your favorite mug except for the tea.

Place SHF Winter Wellness Tea Blend in your steeping spoon or basket & place it in your mug.

Pour boiled water over the ingredients & let it steep until just lukewarm.

Remove the Tea Basket & enjoy!

Note: You can make this recipe in a French Press if you prefer your tea to be completely strained. You would simply place all of the above ingredients into the French Press & once it is finished steeping - pour it into your favorite mug & enjoy.

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Historically enjoyed by farm workers to keep hydrated on long hot days, Drinking vinegars are tart, tangy infusions of fruits, spices and OACV.