What is Farmer's Cheese?

This week, our Herbed Farmer’s Cheese is mixed with rosemary and garlic. The herbs used in this cow cheese will change as we move through the seasons.

The best comparison to a more well known cheese would be creamed cheese, only this is so much richer and creamier because we use whole milk from jersey cows. Jersey milk contains an unusually high content of cream.  We do not homogenize our milk, so the cream always rises to the top in your milk jugs. 

When we make yogurt, the cream also rises, so we stir it back into the yogurt before we pack.


You will love this cheese on bagels, toast, charcuterie boards, or to make a dip!


8oz Herbed Farmer’s Cheese | Room temperature

1 cup of yogurt or a combination of sour cream + mayo

¼ tsp black pepper

Juice of ½ lemon

Raw veggies, chips or crackers | For dipping


Soften to room temperature because you want it to easily blend with the other ingredients.

You can always throw it in the microwave for about 30 seconds, if you forget. Just be sure to remove the packaging first.

Yogurt will add a creaminess and contribute a serious tanginess to the dip (if you want a less tangy dip you could use mayo or sour cream).

Add a dash of lemon (optional)

Add salt & pepper | to taste 

When we cater, we serve this dip with crudité. Our personal favorites are baby carrots, grape tomatoes, fresh broccoli, fresh cauliflower, fresh snap peas and sliced bell pepper. Since this cream cheese dip is full of flavor, it’s also amazing as a dip for crackers and chips! 

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