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“When my daughter-girls come to visit, we almost always do a movie night. And, of course, a big bowl of popcorn is a must. This gorgeous gift box comes with high-quality kernels harvested in Alabama, rosemary-infused olive oil, and sea salt, so you can make a gourmet treat to snack on.”


A little bit about this incredible box:

Our 'Movie Night Trio' gift box is the perfect gift. Popcorn is a universal snack, loved by so many. To make anyone’s movie night stand out in the crowd, we created the perfect flavor contributions with our rosemary and bay olive oil for popping and our herb infused sea salt for the finishing touch!

Nearly hull-less, heirloom kernels, infused oil, and flavored sea salt deliver a warm, vibrant flavor. All arrive presented in our signature Stone Hollow Farmstead wooden gift box adorned with dried flowers from our farm.


Lady Finger Heirloom Popcorn | In 1849, a man named Ebenezer Emmons expressed great interest in a delicate variety of popcorn that he named "Lady Finger" He considered it the best type of popcorn available at that time. Seed experts theorize that Lady Finger popcorn seeds originated inSouth America since it is quite like the popcorn of Argentina and Paraguay. Our popcorn kernels are Non-GMO, Kosher certified, and Gluten free. 16oz

Rosemary, Bay, and Peppercorn Infused Oil | Much of what we produce on our Harpersville, AL farm can be described as layering flavor. We take the best oil we can find and infuse it with fresh rosemary, peppercorns and bay leaves creating something altogether savory and delicious. Use it to cook one of our heirloom popcorns, dress a piece of fresh fish straight from the grill, or as a base for your next marinade. 4 oz.

Rosemary + Thyme Sea Salt | With fresh-from-the-garden flavor and rich aroma, rosemary thyme sea salt offers the comfort and warmth of the beloved herb and provides a new way to infuse your favorite dishes with its vibrant flavor. All natural and kosher certified. Great flavor for salty snacks like popcorn or nuts. Spice up comfort foods, soups and sauces or add a comforting twist to desserts with rosemary thyme salted caramels or a rosemary thyme sea salt lemon tart. 18g.

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