Farmstead Laboratories

Decongestion | Facial Concentrate | Lavender + Jojoba



SKIN CONDITION | Congested, clogged pores, thick or sallow skins

SKIN TYPE | Beneficial or all skin types

EFFECTS ON THE SKIN | Clearer Skin, reduction of pimples, supple skin

USE Put 2-3 drops into the palm of your hand and mix with your favorite moisturizer at night. for a more intense treatment, use your specific concentrate as your nighttime facial oil, pressing 5-6 drops into your face and neck area.


  • Organic Borage Seed Oil 
  • Botanical Extracts: Borage, rose geranium, Saw Palmetto 
  • Essential Oil: Proprietary blend of Lavender, oregano, Tulsi 
  • Other influencers: D-Alpha Tocopherol 

Ingredients | lavender extract (organic simmondsia chinensis oil, lavendula angustifolia), lavendula angustifolia essential oil, d-alpha tocopherol