Stone Hollow Farmstead

'JS Butterscotch' Rooted Cutting | Shipping March - April 2025


Color | Variegated, Orange, Red

ADS Classification | 1114

Form | Informal Decorative

Height | 4-5'

Foliage | Green

Bloom Size | Large, A, 8-10"

Cut Behavior | Great

Exhibition | Yes

Year Introduced | 2013

Country of Origin | USA



This is a pre-purchase item as there is a limited number available.

Pot roots are grown in temperature-controlled beds that we nurture to encourage early sprouts. We then harvest and root them in a soilless medium held in a separate area where they are misted and fertilized at regular intervals. Six weeks later, rooted and growing, the cuttings you selected are then hardened off to make their journey home.

After the risk of frost in your growing zone, your cuttings will packaged carefully, shipped USPS Priority Mail, and will arrive at your door 1-3 days from the shipping date. You will receive a notification when we are preparing to ship.

Details and recommendations for that specific variety will be included with your shipment. Dahlia cuttings come packed in a soilless medium.

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