Farmstead Laboratories

Rose de Mai Candle


If you are a lover of roses, this is your scent. Our Rose de mai candle is made with the same beautiful rose absolute as our natural Rose de mai perfume which is extracted from the Egyptian cabbage rose, Rosa centifolia. The rose plants used are certified organically grown but once extracted it no longer holds that status. Our Rose de mai is voluptuously sweet and sensuous and by far our favorite rose absolute. Rose encourages feelings of joy and contentment and are esteemed for being metaphorical “heart openers.” The rose is a symbol of love, peace and beauty and is seen as the “queen” of all flowers.

Aromatherapy Mood/Mind Benefit | Extraordinary, Feminine, Aphrodisiac

100% soy wax blended with essential oils, aroma compounds and premium fragrance oils. Can be used as a massage oil once wax has softened.

*Each candle is custom made & can take up to two weeks to make.

Use // Turn candle upside down. Place flame under candle so flame goes directly upwards to wick. Once a candle is lit, return to the normal position to avoid dripping wax.

50hr burn time

Botanical Soy Wax | Hand-Poured | U.S. Grown