Stone Hollow Farmstead

Three Sheets | Gift Box


For the cocktail enthusiast. There is a syrup for every taste bud — something for gin, something for tequila, & something for bourbon.


Chocolate Mint Syrup | A favorite of the Stone family and derived from the unique mint variety we cultivate at the farm – one with a natural hint of chocolate flavor. Perfect for cocktails, elevating Champagne, or adding zest to sparkling waters. Drizzle on desserts, sweeten tea, or transform French toast into a gourmet treat. Ideal for enhancing fruit salads, yogurts, or even as a glaze for meats. 4oz

Drunken Pear Syrup | We love the way preserving a simple fruit can distill the essence of season into a single jar. Our drunken pear syrup tastes like crisp fall weekends in Alabama where these Bosc pears have been harvested. Steeped with rum and our simple syrup, the fruit melds into the ideal accompaniment to homemade vanilla ice cream or eaten alone in a fancy footed dessert coupe. 4oz

Jalapeño Syrup | The perfect syrup to make your own spicy margarita! 4oz

Wooden Cocktail Spoon