Stone Hollow Farmstead

Three Sheets | Gift Box


For the cocktail enthusiast. There is a syrup for every taste bud — something for gin, something for tequila, & something for bourbon.


Chocolate Mint Syrup | A favorite of the Stone family and derived from the unique mint variety we cultivate at the farm – one with a natural hint of chocolate flavor. Perfect for cocktails, elevating Champagne, or adding zest to sparkling waters. Drizzle on desserts, sweeten tea, or transform French toast into a gourmet treat. Ideal for enhancing fruit salads, yogurts, or even as a glaze for meats. 4oz

Ginger Syrup | 4oz

Jalapeño Syrup | The perfect syrup to make your own spicy margarita! 4oz

Wooden Cocktail Spoon