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A bundle of green onions

As members of the plant kingdom go, the allium is a rather spectacular genus. Members include garlic, chives, onions, shallots, and leeks. We’d dare say our plates would be rather boring without these savory additions, whose inclusion makes them an outstanding supporting cast member to any production – entree, appetizer, or salad. 

From our own Harpersville, AL farm this week, we have an allium overload: yellow onions, green onions, and more than a few green onion tops. 

You might see ‘onion tops’ and think “What am I supposed to do with those!?” 

Good question!  

While most of us are accustomed to only using the root of the allium, there is still so much flavor in the green leafy part of the plant that we cannot bear to discard it. Instead, we use these to add a slightly savory punch to soups, stews, casseroles, and even omelets. Basically, anywhere you might use the onion, you can use these tops. Deborah grew up with these as a freezer staple, something that could be pulled out in winter months for a punchy kick. To store them for later use, you can freeze them as is, or blanch them first in boiling water before stopping the cooking process with a quick plunge in ice water.

Drain to remove any excess liquid then freeze in airtight containers or use throughout the week in dishes like any one of these. That Green Goddess recipe is really calling to us… 

From Florida, we have some fresh October beans – use these now in a soup like this or freeze in an airtight container until cooler temps arrive. Our farmer friends in Clanton send the season’s first pink-eyed peas this week.  Sure, you can enjoy these simmered with sliced yellow onions and a ham hock, but why not step outside the box and use them in this hummus? Be sure to serve with slices of our own Stone Hollow Farmstead sweet peppers. 

Our friends at Grandview Farms share more of their beautiful oyster mushrooms this week. We love their dedication to the art of cultivating mushrooms of all varieties, without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. If you ever want to learn more about them, owners Charles and Shiyrah Crowther offer tours of their Montevallo farm. We’re curious to try this recipe for pickled mushrooms with garlic and herbs.

These would be delicious ladled on top of toasted bread from baker Corey Hinkel, with a large daub of our own Vidalia onion goat cheese – see? We told you onions are great everywhere!

We look forward to seeing you at pick-up at Farmstand and we hope you have a delicious week!

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