SUMMER WEEK FOUR | Bountiful Blueberries and Delightful Dahlias

Blueberry Harvest at Stone Hollow Farmstead

Hello, Summer CSA Members!

Welcome to the fourth week of our Summer CSA program. We hope you're as excited as we are about the delicious and fresh goodies in this week's box. Here’s a sneak peek into what’s happening on the farm and what you can look forward to enjoying from your CSA share.

Stone Hollow Farmstead  Blueberry Rose Geranium Drinking Vinegar

Dahlia Planting Complete

After weeks of hard work, we have officially finished planting all our dahlias — roughly six thousand tubers! This massive task involved careful planning and a lot of dedication from our team. Now, our focus shifts to nurturing these beauties with lots of TLC, various shade cloths, and more to ensure they thrive and bloom magnificently throughout the season.

Stone Hollow Farmstead Dahlias

Blueberry Harvest in Full Swing

Our blueberries are bursting with flavor and ready to be enjoyed. We're thrilled to include them in your CSA box this week! Besides being a delicious snack, these blueberries are the star ingredient in many of our beloved food-in-jar items. Some crowd favorites include Blueberry Rose Geranium Drinking Vinegar, Pickled Blueberries (one of my personal favorites!), and Pickled Jalapeno Jam. Although many of these items are currently out of stock on our website, this harvest will help us replenish our shelves soon.

Our farm operates seasonally, meaning as crops come up each year, we harvest and can them to last throughout the year. This requires a lot of strategic planning. For example, last year, we put up hundreds of jars of our blueberry products, but often we find ourselves eagerly awaiting the new harvest to restock our supplies just as the previous year's batch runs out. This is the nature of small-scale farming, and we appreciate your patience and support as we work to bring these beloved items back to your kitchens.

Melons on the Horizon

We know you've been eagerly awaiting the melons, and while they aren't quite ready yet, they are very close! Stay tuned for these sweet treats in the coming weeks.


From Our Farm
  • Green Onions
  • Garden Carrots
  • Herb Bundle | Basil, Rosemary, Chives, Fresh Garlic
  • Ramp Pesto
  • Rainbow Eggs x 2
  • Blueberries
  • Endive
  • Chard
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Baby Squash | Hamm Farms
  • Red Cabbage | Hamm Farms
  • Bread | Hinkle's Bakery
  • Red Bell Peppers | Georgia
  • Okra | Georgia
  • Freestone Peaches | Georgia
  • Vidalia Onions | Georgia

Don't forget to keep scrolling because we have lots of recipes below that you can draw inspiration from this week! Happy cooking!


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Historically enjoyed by farm workers to keep hydrated on long hot days, Drinking vinegars are tart, tangy infusions of fruits, spices and OACV.