Autumn Beginnings

We are definitely feeling the pressure of the end of summer.

Harvesting, planting, cleaning up fields that are finished and reseeding with cover crops, and cutting the never ending grass and pastures so we can find the goats!

We are trying to harvest all of the remaining summer herbs. We are distilling them into beautiful, living floral waters for use in our Floral jellies and drinking vinegars.

A few examples are:
Lemon verbena
Scented geraniums
Chocolate Mint

We are also harvesting and distilling prized ingredients for our clinical skincare.

Organic lemons for their bioflavonoids, which we include in our lightening cream cleanser.

Lemon balm for its anti inflammatory properties and rose geranium for its vaso-constrictive value in our anti reddening products.

Alex has been coming out on the weekends to help extract the essence from tuberose and roses for use in our natural perfumes.
The flowers are still in full swing and we planted a second round of yellow watermelons hoping that they produce some small size fruits before the first frost. It’s an experiment, fingers crossed.

The grass is keeping us busy these days… between the rain and the quick growth we are struggling to keep it under control.

This time of year in the kitchen, there are no words….
Everything that we grow has to be processed by first frost. Whatever we get made is what we have for a year. If we run out (which we always do) then we have to wait on the season to roll back around. We have doubled our production to handle what we need and to have enough on hand for our wholesalers and Food 52.

We are already planning and canning for the holidays as well.

We have some exciting new offerings for the holidays such as fantastic gift boxes and a limited edition advent calendar.


- Deborah

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I love the stand and in the 3 weeks I’ve been in the area, I’ve visited at least 4 times. Love the flowers, love the essences that greet me at the door…
Love the beauty! I plan to visit the farm soon. If I could have I would have purchased the frankincense and myrrh oil tester! I wanted to take one with me! Also, I have asked for mint to grow a couple times. I was told I could get some but no one called me. Peace

Sonya August 31, 2022

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Historically enjoyed by farm workers to keep hydrated on long hot days, Drinking vinegars are tart, tangy infusions of fruits, spices and OACV.