Autumnal Cocktail | Fig & Cardamom

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“No greater thing is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig...” – Epictetus

Fig syrup is a rare example of a super-food which also tastes great. It has been appreciated for centuries in the Mediterranean and Middle East and is now appreciated around the world.

The health benefits of figs in general and of fig syrup in particular have been known for, literally, thousands of years. Early medical texts refer to its usefulness as an effective and palatable treatment for common ailments (many of which are still common today). As the years have gone by, scientists have taken more of an interest in investigating traditional remedies and understanding why they are effective. As a result, today, we can support its health benefits with scientific studies and explanations of exactly how its different properties are useful for different ailments. For many people however, it simply remains a store-cupboard health staple.

Fig syrup is a healthy spread and can be used in place of maple and corn syrups. It can be baked into pies, cookies, and other pastries. Balsamic jam is a delicious fusion of honey and the syrup. Like dried figs, the solution can be used on granola and energy bars, fruit desserts and as a sweetening agent.

Surprisingly, figs are far more nutritious than some of the commonly used natural sweeteners like dates

Fig & Cardamom Cocktail


  • 2 oz Southern Gin (We love this one)
  • 1/ 2 oz Tuaca, an Italian vanilla liqueur with brandy
  • 1/ 2 oz Fig & Cardamom Syrup
  • 1/ 2 oz Lemon Juice
  • 1 Fig, halved


Muddle half a fig in the bottom of a cocktail shaker

Add gin, tuaca, syrup, lemon juice and ice

Shake and double strain into a chilled coupe glass

Garnish with the other half of the fig

Ingredients | figs, sugar, cardamom

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