Holiday Favorite | Mulling Spices

The warm, festive aroma of mulling spice is a holiday classic. Whether hosting a guest or cuddling by the fire, be sure to have mulled wine or cider warming gently on the stove. This powerful aromatic blend creates the perfect ambience.


  • 1 gallon unfiltered apple cider

  • 1 large orange | cut into 1/4” slices

  • 1 cinnamon stick (from your Mulling Spice Mix)

  • 4-5 tbsp Mulling Spice

  • 1.5 cups spiced rum


Add apple cider, mulling spices, orange, & cinnamon stick to a large pot over high heat. 

Once boiling, turn down heat & let simmer for a few minutes.

Remove from heat & spike with spiced rum.

Serve & enjoy!

Ingredients | cassia, cinnamon chips, orange & lemon peel, allspice berries, ginger, whole cloves, cardamom pods, star anise pods

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Historically enjoyed by farm workers to keep hydrated on long hot days, Drinking vinegars are tart, tangy infusions of fruits, spices and OACV.