Stone Hollow Farmstead

Dahlia Subscription | Weekly Pickup



The Dahlia Club is a local seasonal subscription that offers weekly delivery for 4, 8, or 12 weeks. Please note that this is a pre-paid subscription, which means that you will be paying upfront for your selected weeks.

By participating in the Dahlia Club, you will be supporting our local farm and our efforts to grow the most beautiful and diverse selection of dahlias for you to enjoy. This subscription provides a direct connection to our farm and the hands that cultivate these blooms.

Join our Stone Hollow Farmstead Dahlia Club and have beautiful Dahlias delivered to your door each week, or if you prefer, pick up your blooms each week at our retail store, FarmStand located at historic Pepper Place in downtown Birmingham.

Dahlias are the queens of the farm, and this year, we are growing more varieties, sizes, shapes, and colors than ever before. This is a pre-order offer for the Dahlia Club. Dahlia Club members will receive a mix of our most gorgeous dahlias each week. Our Dahlia bouquets will be a mix of our most prized dahlias, zinnias, cosmos, and greenery. Our buckets will be filled with dahlias as well as filler blooms.


- 15-stem Dahlia Bundle of various sizes and colors for $58.00 per week

- Pick up at FarmStand by Stone Hollow 



Once you have paid for your share, you have secured a spot in our 4-week Dahlia Club. If you need to skip a week, let us know 24 hours in advance, please.


If you're going out, be sure to set out a jar or bucket of water weekly in a shady area for your flowers to be deposited in upon delivery. We will send a text when we drop them off, so you will know the flowers are home.


Dahlias are known for their one-of-a-kind beauty, but they do not always have the longest vase life. To prolong their vase life, snip the stems every other day and change the water in the vase daily. Add a tablespoon of sugar to a quart of water with every change. Do not place the dahlias in a sunny spot or near a heat source indoors.

Note: Since this item is a subscription only it must be checked out separately from other non-subscription purchases.  If you would like to purchase multiple items please check out your subscription first and come back to order your additional items.