Stone Hollow Farmstead

Dahlia Tuber Gift Box | Field to Flora Collection



Begins shipping November 1st

When you pre-order, you'll receive a beautifully crafted gift box containing:

  • Stone Hollow Farmstead Dahlia Tuber Gift Card: Includes shipping confirmation and details on when to expect your Dahlia tubers.
  • 5 Copper Plant Name Tags: To help you easily identify your plants.
  • Japanese Silky Teflon Scissors: A must-have for any serious gardener.
  • Epsom Salt: For the optimal health of your dahlias.
  • Stone Hollow Farmstead Guide to Growing Dahlias Successfully: A comprehensive guide to help you cultivate beautiful dahlias.

Please Note: Actual Dahlia tubers will be shipped between March and April, depending on your zone's weather conditions.



The Allure of Dahlias: A Gift for Flower Enthusiasts

Introduce a flower lover to one of Stone Hollow Farmstead's most beloved dahlias—Miss Amara.

Why Miss Amara?

She is a true garden gem—beautiful, prolific, and resilient. Her most remarkable feature? Her stunning color transformation:

  • Starts the summer with a soft blush of peaches and yellows
  • Gradually shifts to the palest of yellows
  • Welcomes autumn with rich shades of dark peach, wine, orange, and yellow

This Dahlia gift box aims to bring joy to both the gardens and hearts of your loved ones. Experience the ever-changing allure of Miss Amara and let her enchant the flower enthusiast in your life.