Hand-Knotted Hammock


Our knotted hammocks are masterfully handcrafted in the traditional Paraguayan style (locally known as Pirayú) from 100% natural cotton. Every strand in the process is carefully considered—the bed, fringes and suspension cords are all meticulously knotted and braided in place to create these exquisite works of art.  Due to the nature of hand-knotting, each hammock is unique in character and design, bearing the unwritten signature of the artisan who made it and the history from which it came.


    • Double - Length: 11.5ft. | Bed Size: 8.5’ x 4.5’ (102” x 54”)

    *Sizes are approximate - Actual hammock may vary.

    100% cotton.

    Handmade in Paraguay

  • CARE

    • Machine-washable
      Wash separately in cold water on a gentle or hand wash cycle.

    • Tie loose ends
      Bind the suspension cords and tie the tassels together before washing to prevent tangling.

    • Hang to dry
      In order to preserve the hammock, do not tumble dry.

    TIP: The natural color of the cotton will whiten with time as it is washed and with sun exposure – To maintain its creamy, off-white color, we recommend giving your hammock a diluted tea or coffee wash prior to washing. Alternatively, bleach may be used to achieve and maintain a bright white color.

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