Stone Hollow Farmstead

Heirloom Popcorn | Gift Box - Oprah's Favorite Things 2021


We made the "O List"!

Oprah placed her seal of approval on our Heirloom Popcorn Gift Box - one of her Favorite Things of 2021! Four varieties of non-GMO, nearly hull-less, heirloom kernels are presented in our signature Stone Hollow Farmstead reusable wooden box. Adorned with dried flowers from our farm, this assortment of heirloom popcorns tastes as unique as they pop.

What You Get
• 16 oz. Red Heirloom Variety Popcorn
• 16 oz. Lady Finger Heirloom Variety Popcorn
• 16 oz. Blue Heirloom Variety Popcorn
• 16 oz. Rainbow Heirloom Variety Popcorn
• Stone Hollow Farmstead Signature Wooden box and our Dried Flowers

Lady Finger Heirloom Popcorn
In 1849, a man named Ebenezer Emmons expressed great interest in a delicate variety of popcorn that he named "Lady Finger." He considered it the best type of popcorn available at that time. Seed experts theorize that Lady Finger popcorn seeds originated in South America since it is quite similar to the popcorn of Argentina and Paraguay.

Red Heirloom Popcorn
Nearly hulless and 100% delicious, this rare and wonderful popcorn pops up as white as snow and delivers a flavor like no other. The naturally red kernels are best prepared the traditional way using a pan, a lid, and some oil. There are countless ways to enjoy it — with just salt and butter, or perhaps cooked in some duck fat and topped with Parmesan cheese.

Blue Heirloom Popcorn
This exciting blue popcorn receives high marks for both taste and visual appeal. The unique bluish-purple kernels pop into mounds of snow-white popcorn that will satisfy any popcorn lover with its slightly sweet flavor.

Rainbow Mix Popcorn
A unique blend of gold, amber, burgundy, and deep purple heirloom kernels, this organic ancient grain has been batch-grown in small quantities to preserve its superior quality and flavor.

*Popcorn varieties may vary depending on availability.