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La Bonté 
Experience the essence of goodness and kindness with La Bonté, a sophisticated and unisex oil perfume crafted in collaboration with style and culture expert Randall Porter. This perfume is a refined iteration of our renowned Oak Moss Oil Perfume, capturing the intricate and mysterious essence of the forest.

Scent Profile: La Bonté is an olfactory masterpiece. This unique scent is an elusive blend of moss, wood, decaying leaf, fungus, lichen, and damp earth notes, opening with an earthy aroma and finishing with a smooth, rich complexity. The perfume reveals hints of galbanum’s bittersweet green and balsamic undertones, coupled with the coumarin notes of freshly cut hay. This scent offers a journey through the deep secrets of the forests, where diverse organisms coexist in perfect harmony, creating a fragrance that is greater than the sum of its parts—complex, beautiful, and iconic.

Aromatherapy Benefits:

  • Rich, sweet-balsamic
  • Faintly floral undertones
  • Agrestic scent therapy for a grounding experience

Product Details:

  • 10ml
  • Final sale on all perfumes

Collaboration with Randall Porter: This exclusive fragrance is a collaboration with our friend and tastemaker, Randall Porter. Randall is a Style and culture Expert known for his column 'A Man About Town' on His passion for showcasing style and his love for Birmingham have made him a celebrated figure in the local scene. What started as a platform to highlight stylish trends and local talents has blossomed into a dynamic online experience for consumers, featuring the most intriguing brands and artists from near and far.

Embrace the goodness and kindness encapsulated in La Bonté, a fragrance that embodies the spirit of collaboration and the beauty of the natural world.