Stone Hollow Farmstead

Mushroom Popcorn


While typical popcorn turns into a butterfly shape when popped, our Mushroom Popcorn variety becomes circular in shape much like the top of a mushroom. 

Variety Comparison | Mushroom Popcorn is not hull-less, and has a neutral flavor. It is larger and crunchier than our Baby White & Yellow popcorns, and near similar in size to our Traditional #2 Popcorn.  

Pairing | The Mushroom Popcorn kernel should be popped at a higher temperature than other popcorn varieties, using a traditional stovetop method to ensure less un-popped corn and the traditional shape of its kernels.  These kernels do not have a distinctive flavor making it perfect for glazes (such as caramel and chocolate coatings) as well as our line of infused oils and salts. 

Our popcorn kernels are Non-GMO, Kosher certified, and Gluten free. 

Available in 16oz and 32oz

Ingredients | Traditional Heirloom Popcorn