Farmstead Laboratories

Sacred Nymphaea Perfume


Our Sacred Nymphaea perfume is powerful, warm, inspiring and simply beautiful. The scent is based on one of the worlds most intoxicating florals, White Lotus. Emanating warm green floral notes opening for earthy, sweet, exotic, floral-fruity, spicy and smoky undertones. Beautiful and complicated. The ancient Egyptians regarded Lotus as a sacred flower symbolizing the sun and creation, thereby possessing regenerative powers; it was often depicted in the hieroglyphics and art of Upper Egypt. It is a beautiful addition to your natural perfumes and is one that last for hours.

Scent Therapy | Floriental

Aromatherapy | Complicated, Spicy, Smoky and Bright


*Each perfume is custom made & can take up to two weeks to make.

**All perfumes are final sale**