Stone Hollow Farmstead

Smudge Stick


Smudge sticks are made up of a bunch of herbs bound together by twine. These herbs are specially selected for their specific properties. A smudge may consist of one type of herb such as white sage, lavender, or Yerba Santo, or it may consist of a mix of two or more herbs. Burning a smudge stick is known as smudging.

Smudging is in fact an ancient sacred ritual practiced by a few Native American people to clear low vibrations and stuck energies and allow positive energy to enter and lift their spirits. Today, smudging is used for a variety of similar purposes, from cleansing the home, balancing energy, and reducing negativity to creating a spiritual atmosphere for meditation and yoga. Just inhaling the aroma of a smudge stick can be absolutely blissful and calming at the soul level.