Easing Into Fall

The contents from our CSA basket including melon, heirloom tomatoes, okra and carrots

The funny thing about routines is that their constancy gives us a window into subtle change. If there is a particular exercise class you attend every Monday night, you start to notice when the days get shorter. We’re feeling it, too.

A true harbinger of fall has been tucked into every CSA member’s basket this week: a pumpkin pie pumpkin, also known as a Sugar pumpkin, these are known for making great pies — read more here

From our farmer friends in Georgia, we have cabbage, butter beans and green beans. We don’t know about you, but seeing these green beans nestled into this week’s basket has us already thinking about Thanksgiving, where these beans are a staple on some tables, especially when showered with crispy lardons and melted onions.

Sand Mountain farmers send us tomatoes and bell peppers this week, reminding us that Mother Nature hasn’t finished her reign with summer staples yet. The same is true with fresh radishes from our friends at Love Light Farm. Radishes love to be blistered in a super-hot oven so if you’re roasting one, you might as well roast them both. Serve with a fresh saffron aioli, like this one from Saveur.

Non-produce items in the basket this week include bread from our favorite baker, Corey Hinkel (why yes, the line at his tent each Saturday morning at Pepper Place Market is the longest of all), as well as Stone Hollow Farmstead Herbs de Provence Goat Cheese. They would play well together on a charcuterie board or a spinach salad — just sayin’.

We hope you all have a terrific week and enjoy everything in your basket. If you get a minute, share some photos of what you’re cooking, on our private Facebook group page. You inspire us!

Green pole beans from Georgia

What is in the box?

From Friends

  • Bell Peppers | Sand Mountain

  • Tomatoes | Sand Mountain

  • Cabbage | Georgia

  • Butter Beans | Georgia 

  • Green Beans | Georgia

  • Radishes | Love Light Farm

  • Pie Pumpkin | Tennessee

  • Bread Loaf | Corey Hinkel

From Stone Hollow

  • Herbs de Provence Goat Cheese

  • Eggplant

Milk Share

  • Whole Milk | Working Cow Dairy

Cheese / Yogurt Share

  • Goat Feta in Brine

Flower Share

  •  Foraged bouquets of Peppermint, Kalalilies, Gladiolus, Sunflowers, Dahlias, Dill Blossom, Wild Bee Balm, & Scabiosa

    *Although many of the flowers and filler are edible, please refrain from eating these as they have been resting in water filled with a solution to help preserve the life of your cut flowers for maximum enjoyment.

Red Ripe Tomatoes in a basket

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