Falling For You Is Like . . .

Bundle of radishes

Tomorrow marks the official first day of Fall and we could not be more excited. 

Sure, we’ve been on “Fall Time” for several weeks now but can appreciate the calendar-catch-up. This week’s basket boasts so many harbingers of the season: pumpkins from Kentucky, a fall lettuce blend from our friends at Love Light Farm, red potatoes from farmers in Georgia. Couple these finds with our pear and rosemary preserves and you can’t help but feel the season delightfully seeping into our daily routines. 

What else will you find in today’s box? Radishes from Love Light Farm — this Bon Appetit feature (with a very clever title)  has some great inspiration on how best to enjoy. Some special peaches-and-cream corn makes a late appearance but a welcomed one. This roasted corn recipe  from grill-master Steven Raichlen has us firing up the grill mid-week.

Speaking of roasting, in addition to sharing some fresh poblano peppers, Dwight Hamm of Hamm Farms sends us some super-ripe end-of-season tomatoes this week. These need to be eaten tonight, if possible — they are that fresh — but you can always slow-roast them too, and store them for later use. This is a good recipe for time and temp guidelines but where you take them from there all rests in your imagination. 

Store them in the fridge, submerged in olive oil and minced fresh basil. Use them in your favorite pasta sauce. Top a burrata-slathered toasted baguette round with a few slices. You get the idea; there’s really no wrong way to enjoy whatever Dwight sends us.

We can’t wait to see each of you at pick-up today — have a terrific Tuesday!

Red potatoes

What is in the box?

From Friends

  • Salad Mix | Love Light Farm

  • Radishes | Love Light Farm

  • Red Poblano Peppers | Hamm Farms

  • Vidalia Onions | Georgia

  • Red Potatoes | Georgia

  • Peaches + Cream Sweet Corn | Georgia

  • Decorative Pumpkin | Kentucky

  • Bread Loaf | Corey Hinkel

From Stone Hollow

  • Goat Feta

  • Pear + Rosemary Preserves

Milk Share

  • Whole Milk | Working Cow Dairy

Cheese / Yogurt Share

  • Marinated Goat Cheese

Flower Share

  •  Foraged bouquets of Peppermint, Kalalilies, Gladiolus, Dahlias, Dill Blossom, Wild Bee Balm, & Scabiosa

    *Although many of the flowers and filler are edible, please refrain from eating these as they have been resting in water filled with a solution to help preserve the life of your cut flowers for maximum enjoyment.

An assortment of pumpkins in various colors

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