Season's Shifts: A Week of Blooms, Showers, and Farm Life Tales

Week three into our CSA and the farm is as lively as ever, tinged with the anticipation and fulfillment that spring unfailingly brings. It's a season that writes its own stories in the hues of the earth and sky, and we're simply turning the pages.

This week's highlight has to be the peonies. Remember those hoop houses we threw up against the frost last week? Turns out, they were our silent heroes, sheltering the blooms from the chill. Now, we're looking at a flourish of pink peonies. They're set to grace the shelves and market this weekend, ready to find their way into your homes! Amidst them, our daffodils have burst forth in abundance, a cheerful nod to the season's generosity.

Daffodil Harvest

The rain this week, unpredictable as spring itself, has been a boon, especially to our herb gardens. It's as if they've woken up overnight, draped in every shade of green you can imagine. And the puppies, well, they've been having a ball, making the most of the puddles.

Our garden team is in the thick of it, hands in the soil, prepping for what's next. The crispness of the air in the mornings, warming up as the day goes by, reminds us why this time of year is unmatched in its charm. Amidst this, we're steadily sending out Dahlia Tubers and Cuttings, making sure they travel from our soil to yours with care, hoping they'll bring a piece of our joy to gardens far and wide.

This week's CSA box is a nod to the simple pleasures of spring. Jerusalem Artichokes, with their earthy flavor, are a standout, alongside a Brie from our friends at Sweetgrass Dairy, just in time to share with loved ones this Easter weekend! We have shared our personal Baked Brie recipe below but you can also view it here! Try this with our Onion Jam or use your fresh Strawberries to make a tart jam like this one!

I find myself daydreaming about a salad that captures the essence of this week at the farm – a mix of crisp radishes, tender leeks, baby kale and arugula, sprinkled with the first strawberries and asparagus of the year, all brought together with a drizzle of Golden Rod Honey Salad dressing — this one caught my eye!

We're eager to hear your tales and tastes of the season. Your experiences with our farm's offerings enrich the tapestry of our community, reminding us of the bonds we share through the simple act of nurturing and nourishing!

Until next time,

Deborah and Alexandra

Great Pyrenees


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