How To Prepare our Ladyfinger Popcorn

Ladyfinger is an old open-pollinated variety of popcorn is similar to Tom Thumb. If you like small, hulless, tender popcorn, you definitely will want to try this type!

History | In 1849, a man named Ebenezer Emmons expressed great interest in a delicate variety of popcorn that he named "Lady Fingers." He considered it the best type of popcorn available at that time. Seed experts theorize that Lady Fingers popcorn seeds originated in South America, since it is quite similar to the popcorn of Argentina and Paraguay.

How to Use |

Pour desired amount into your favorite pot with a lid.

Coat all kernels with cooking oil

Heat popcorn on stovetop over medium to high heat until the popcorn stops popping

Let cool and sprinkle desired salts on top

Serve and enjoy!

Ingredients | ladyfinger popcorn kernels

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