Firepits UK

Plain Jane Fire Pit with Swing Arm BBQ Rack


The Plain Jane with Swing Arm BBQ Rack Fire Pit is perfect for both the ember gazers and chefs among us! The Swing Arm is half grill, half plate, giving great flexibility when it comes to cooking options and it allows you to move the food on an off the heat in an instant. It also provides easy access to the fire so that you can continue to refuel, and keep the heat where you want it. The Swing Arm is fully removable.

28” Fire Pit Depth: 7.70”

36” Fire Pit Depth: 8.30”

Maintaining Your Fire Pit

All our fire pits, lids and, accessories will begin to rust immediately and will not maintain their black finish. However, this will not affect their long term durability. As all our fire pits are handmade from sheet steel which has naturally occurring blemishes, there may be very slight variations in the forging and finish.

*The calculated shipping fee is an estimate. We will contact you upon payment if we need to adjust the cost.