Stone Hollow Farmstead

Traditional Yellow #2 Popcorn


Traditional Yellow #2 Popcorn stands out with medium-sized, crunchy kernels. Renowned for its widely recognized sweet, buttery flavor, this variety is dense, making it ideal for crafting traditional popcorn snacks. It's our top choice for a more classic buttered popcorn experience.

Variety Comparison | Traditional Yellow #2 Popcorn shares a flavor profile akin to our Jumbo Popcorn and the Baby Yellow varieties. It also falls in size between the Jumbo Popcorn and the Baby Yellow Popcorn, offering a satisfying middle ground.

Pairing | The Traditional Yellow #2 Popcorn lends itself to various traditional popping methods, delivering a delightful experience. For a classic treat, serve it simple with butter and salt. To elevate the flavor consider experimenting with our range of infused oils and salts.

Our popcorn kernels are Non-GMO, Kosher certified, and Gluten free. 

Available in 16oz and 32oz

Ingredients | Traditional Heirloom Popcorn