Spring CSA | Week Four: Garden Blooms and Gourmet Cheese

As we step into the fourth week of our Spring CSA, the farm is abuzz. This week's basket is a testament to the season's bounty, and we're thrilled to share not just the harvest, but also a slice of farm life and some culinary inspirations that have us excited to get cooking.

This Week's Harvest Wonders

Our friends at Hinkle’s Bakery have outdone themselves by including their exquisite Focaccia Dough in this week’s basket. Inspired by the stunning Garden Focaccia we’ve seen all across Pinterest and Instagram, we’re eager to adorn this dough with the herb bundle from this week's selection. Imagine fresh Chives, Nasturtiums, and Rosemary, transforming a simple Focaccia into a masterpiece of flavors and colors. And let's not forget the Baby Vidalia Onions, perfect for adding a sweet crunch, especially when thinly sliced with our favorite Mandolin. For those looking to keep their herbs vibrant and fresh, we've rediscovered the magic of an Herb Keeper — an indispensable tool in our kitchen favorites.

Savory Cravings and Sweet Delights

This week I have been craving something fresh and warm — enter the Spring Mushroom Risotto, a recipe that caught our eye and promises to be the perfect remedy for these cooler evenings. The deep red, sweet strawberries in this week’s basket are irresistible, and while they’re perfect for snacking, we’re also tempted to churn some into homemade Strawberry Ice Cream! I have made this recipe before and it turned out delicious.

Life on the Farm

The farm itself is a whirlwind of activity. We're on the cusp of launching our Dahlia Club, a colorful venture we're eager to delve into more in the coming days. The flower fields are a sight to behold, with Listanthus, Floret Zinnias, and Dahlia Cuttings promising a riot of color at the Market at Pepper Place in the months ahead. And the sweet pea greenhouse? It's a pink paradise waiting to burst into bloom.

Join Our Culinary Journey

As we wrap up another day on the farm, we're looking forward to diving into this week's harvest and cooking up something truly special. We hope this basket inspires you as much as it does us, and we'd love to hear about your culinary adventures. Found a recipe that’s too good to keep to yourself? Share it with us at info@stonehollowfarmstead.com. We're all ears for delicious discoveries! Happy cooking, friends!

Deborah and Alexandra

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From Our Farm
  • Radish
  • Strawberries
  • Rainbow Eggs
  • Herb bundle with Garlic
  • Pickled Lima Beans
  • Baby Green Vidalia Onions
Stone Hollow Farmstead
Stone Hollow Farmstead
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