Week Five Spring CSA: Rainy Days, Lush Gardens, and a Grand Event

Celebrating Spring: Week 5 of Our CSA Adventure

As we embrace the fifth week of our Spring CSA, the farm is a canvas painted with the vibrant hues of spring, despite the rain that has our boots a little muddier than usual. It’s a beautiful reminder of the cycle of growth and renewal that we are so fortunate to witness and be a part of each day.

A Morning to Remember

This week began with an extraordinary start as Deborah, Alexandra, and Michael had the honor of attending and participating in the Garden Clubs of America Event at the Grand Bohemian in Lane Park, Mountain Brook. Deborah took the stage as the keynote speaker, sharing our farm's journey, our conservation efforts, and the dreams we're nurturing for the future. It was a heartwarming morning filled with connections, both renewed and newly forged, set against a backdrop of stunning blooms from fellow green thumbs.

The Farm This Week: A Symphony in Green and Grey

Back on the farm, the theme of the week is undoubtedly 'wet'. Yet, with the rain comes a lushness that can't be rivaled, painting our acres in every shade of green imaginable. The raindrops that dance on the leaves and the cool breeze that follows a downpour are nature's own melody, a tune we've come to cherish, especially in the spring.

Stone Hollow Farmstead
Stone Hollow Farmstead
Stone Hollow Farmstead
Stone Hollow Farmstead

Culinary Inspiration

We’ve stumbled upon some delightful recipes that highlight the best of this week's box. From a zesty cilantro-lime dressing perfect for those frisée greens to a savory leek and mushroom tart that’s just the thing for a rainy day. We’re eager to hear how you’re using your weekly bounty in the kitchen!

Join the Conversation

Our CSA is more than just a box of produce; it’s a journey we’re on together. We cherish your stories, recipes, and experiences. Share with us how you’re bringing this week's harvest into your home and onto your table. Your creativity and passion are what make our community so vibrant.

Until next week, may your meals be hearty, your gardens flourish, and your hearts full.

Warmly, The Stone Hollow Farmstead Team

Fig Tree Blooms
Stone Hollow Farmstead


From Our Farm
  • Strawberries
  • Baby Leeks
  • Fresh from the Garden Pickles 
  • Herb bundle
  • Rainbow Eggs
  • Frisée Salad Greens
  • Cilantro
  • Salad Greens | Love Light Farms
  • Radish | Love Light Farms
  • Bread | Hinkel's Bakery
  • Mushroom Mix | Grandview Farms
Garden Club of America
Stone Hollow Farmstead
Garden Club of America
Stone Hollow Farmstead

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